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❝ Investment casting is a preferred method for producing intricate components and parts used in CNC machines, such as tool holders and machine bases. The near-net-shape capabilities of investment casting minimize post-processing, reducing material waste and machining costs while maintaining the high precision and quality required for CNC applications. ❞

❚ Foundry: Valve-tek’s self-owned in-house casting foundry located at Taiping Dist., Taichung (Taiwan)

❚ Manufactured by: Investment Casting, Lost-Wax

    ➨ Multiple options of materials. Mass Production Available

    ➨ Idea for High-Precision Dimensional Designs and Complex Shapes

❚ Materials: Stainless Steel (304, 316), Carbon Steel (WCB), Alloy Steel, etc. Please refer to the Material Comparison Table.

❚ QC Inspections: Chemical Analysis (Material), Impact Test, Tensile Strength Test, Hardness Test, Penetrate Test (PT), X-Ray Radiograph (RT), Coordinate Measuring, Inter-granular Corrosion Mearing. All tests are available upon request.

❚ Inquiry Process:

Step 1. Contact Us

    Feel free to email us at for online inquiries and quotes.

Step 2. Inquiry with Drawing

    Please provide 2D or 3D drawings. If you can also provide material, weight, quantity, and usage information, we can offer you the most favorable and suitable customized products and services.

Step 3. Samples

    Our research and development design team will create samples based on your specifications (dimensions, material, inspection tests, and processing).

Step 4. PO (Purchase Order) & Production

    Confirm the order quantity and lead time, and proceed with the investment casting production process.

Step 5. Quality Inspection & Delivery

    After a thorough quality assurance, the deliverables will be shipped to the specified location, or they can undergo final machining process and testing to become finished products.